who we are

De Vormforensen is the graphic design studio of Anne-Marie Geurink and Annelou van Griensven based in Arnhem. They love to shift between content and shape. Both designers are hands-on, love to develop new interests and eager to make self-initiated work.

De Vormforensen work for companies and entrepreneurs but also love to make their our own work. The last couple of years they developed a natural way for gathering new words, weird phenomena, remarkable events and everyday situations to present fresh perspectives. To give this autonomous part of the studio a framework they  gave it the title: graphic anthropology.

“As graphic anthropologists we are investigating the relation between graphic design and topics from our society and daily lives. It’s a playground in our studio where we can observe and analyze as pragmatic idealists, visual journalists and image-thinkers. We are using this space and freedom to develop our skills, research our interests and discover new visions so we are exploring a new part of the graphic design field.”

For our work in assignment you can visit our website.
For a nice talk you can reach out to us on email ([email protected]), phone (+31(0)644688094) or visit our studio.